New Guide For Panchayat Work Report 2024

By | March 2, 2024

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List of Apps to See Work Report of Gram Panchayat

You can easily access information about government grants in your Gram Panchayat from the comfort of your home using the apps listed below. Here’s a list of these apps where you can obtain the online work report of any Gram Panchayat in your state.

Guide for Gram Panchayat App

The “Guide for Gram Panchayat App” is designed to help farmers and villagers in India by providing information in Hindi on viewing the work reports of Gram Panchayats in their villages. This app also offers guidance on various topics such as:

Requires Android4.1 and up
Total Downloads1,000,000+ downloads
Updated on30-Jun-2021
App On Play store LinkClick Here

Gram panchayat sevak Apk

The application has incorporated many user suggestions, making it more user-friendly:
1. The entire application is now available in Hindi.
2. The financial progress is more detailed, specifically for the available Gram Panchayat (GP) data.
3. Progress activity is also presented in a more detailed manner.

We value your input and are actively listening to suggestions. Additional features will be included in future releases, and we appreciate your patience for all the upcoming enhancements.

In this app, you can find information about the approved amount for new schemes related to Gram Panchayat work, Development Scheme, and Panchayati Yojana. The Gram Panchayat App in Hindi provides comprehensive information in the Hindi language. You can also explore details about the fund amount, its purpose, and the agency responsible for it.

Requires Android5.0 and up
Total Downloads10,000+ downloads
Released on08-Sept-2021
App On Play store LinkClick Here

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