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 25000+ Free Question Bank VSA,MCQ,SA,LA for Std 10,11,12 Sci & Com & Board Paper

— Gujarati and English Medium for GSEB apk.

— Covers Previous Year Board Paper in All 10,11,12 Sci & Commerce in PDF format for download in your mobile. 

— Covers All Subjects in (GSEB) Std. 10 i.e. Maths,Science,Social Study,English(FL & SL),Gujarati(FL & SL),Sanskrit,Hindi,Computer

— Covers GSEB Std 11,12 Science, i.e. Maths,Physics,Chemistry,Biology

— Covers All Subject in Std 12 Commerde  Account,Commerce and Management,Economics,S.P.,Statistics,Computer etc.

— Having questionbank of morethan 25000 questions for both eng & gujarati medium.

— It covers both Texbook MCQ as well √●Pervious Year Question Paper MCQ, Very Short Answer (VSA), Long Answer (LA) and MCQs by Experts.

— GSEB 2018 SSC , HSC , COMMERCE Results of GSEB ALL MCQ Apk

— It has two modes , i.e. Learning Modes and Exam Modes

— At End Result will a displaye Aalong with Right and Wrong Answer

The Gujarat Smart Education App helps the students to secure more marks who are studying in SSC and 11 & 12 Science & Commerce Stream in GSEB. √●This gseb app covers both English and Gujarati Medium GSEB Students along with GSEB Results. √●this App we have tried to give students to improve their educational knowledge. By using this Apk, ● Students can improve their educational knowledge a】secure more marks in their final examinations.

Currently this App provides (MCQ) of textbook, MCQs of previous year question paper and MCQs of extra practice and all the subject details of Standard 10 i.e. a Maths, Science,Social Science,English,Gujarati,Sanskrit a well as in Standard 11,12 Physics, chemistry , Biology and Maths.

In this gseb apk  for more practice for students, we are adding questions on regular basis. So the student can study maximum questions answers. 

● the end of practice student aa can get the summary also

They can updates  their knowledge by getting the current answers a of their wrong answers.

The GSEB APP have two mode’s

Learn Mode√● In this mode students can do practice of different subjects as per their requirement

 Exam Mode√● In Exam Mode the students can do select Number of Questions for the GSEB ALL MCQ Question Bank And can do exam practice…

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