Government Will Provide Rs 12,000 To Students To Buy An Electric Two-Wheeler

By | November 4, 2020

 A important   Decision   has   been   taken by the    Rupani   Government    a   Pollution   free    Environment.   At the    same    time,.  the    state    Government   has   a    Relief Scheme    to   encourage   the use   of battery. -powered   two-wheelers    and three-wheelers    to    curb air   pollution from vehicles    in   towns    and cities.    At the same   time,.  the Gujarat   Government has become    Active in changing the special transport    policy to    ensure that    more than.   1 lakh    electric vehicles    run on the roads in    the state in the    next two years.

Under    this    assistance    scheme,the government    will   provide    assistance of Rs 12,000 to    students   bstudying from Std-9 to college in the state to purchase a battery-powered    two-wheeler.  BThe target is to provide    subsidy to 10,000 vehicles.   Not only this, the state Government will also provide assistance of Rs 48,000 for the purchase   of battery   operated e-rickshaw three wheeler for   individual and institutional beneficiaries and    five thousand e-rickshaws   will be given the   benefit.

An.  scheme of Rs 50 lakh  bhas also been implemented to set up infrastructure facilities for   charging battery   powered vehicles.The. B Gujarat government has been active in   changing the special transport policy to ensure that more than 1 lakh electric vehicles run on the roads in the state in the next two years.Not only that,but an incentive policy for the sale of electric vehicles is also being considered.

Where To Get The Application Form

Gujarat Energy Development Agency authorized dealer or from GEDA website.

List Of Documents For Assistance

1.Bonofide certificate 

2.Self-certified marksheet of previous year 3.Copy of self certified student’s Aadhaar card / driving license 

4.Proof of self-certified residence electricity bill building tax bill 

5.Caste certificate issued by the competent authority of the student 

6.Self-certified copy of driving license only for high speed vehicles

Where Should The Application Forms Be Submitted?

The application form has to be submitted by the dealer after selecting the manufacturer and model.Assistance in this regard Rs. 12000 per vehicle

How To Avail The Benefit Of Subsidy

It will be credited to the bank account of the eligible student by GEDA as per the terms of the scheme. 

Authorized manufacturer models of vehicles,maximum prices and where their dealer information will be available From GEDA website (Gujarat Energy Development Agency).

1.Only battery operated vehicles can be purchased through this scheme.

2.About 10 thousand vehicles will be provided under two wheeler scheme 

3.The assistance received through this scheme is twelve thousand rupees.

4.Up to Rs 5,000 subsidy will be given in the scheme of electric rickshaw 

5.About five thousand vehicles will be provided under this scheme

6.Battery powered electric rickshaws can be purchased under this scheme

How To Apply Online For This Scheme

  • Visit the Official Website of Gujarat Electric e-Vehicle Scheme i.e.
  • On the Homepage, Click on the Option “Show All News” button.
  • Form and Agency List link Display
  • Download Form

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